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Enhancing Campus Ministry

As an a Cappella group we have a special place in our hearts for other a Cappella groups, especially those at the many colleges and universities across the United States and world-wide. Christian a Cappella groups on campus face a number of challenges. We support them through a number of vehicles aimed at enhancing their effectiveness on campus as a ministry.

We work hard for them, sharing our resoruces and knowledge so that they can focus on growing their program on campus.

We aim to partner with as many groups as possible, throughout the country to expand the reach of The Mina Project to communities natiohwide.


Festivals and Workshops
We place our skills and knowledge and that of many other industry experts at their disposal through one on one workshops and festivals tailored to Christian a Cappella.


There are a cappella festivals in many locations across the country.  Christian a cappella groups don’t typically attend for a variety of reasons, so of which are financial.  These festivals bring together a cappella professionals to provide coaching and classes on arranging, song writing, album production, live performance and sound, group management, effective rehearsal and more. We put on a festival each year that provides these things specifically geared toward the unique needs of Christian groups. We select a different region each year to make the event accessible to groups all over the country. In addition to the musical opportunities, we partner with local clergy to provide classes on spiritual guidance and ministerial development.



As we travel and perform at churches in different regions we extend invites to groups in that region to perform with us. In doing so we foster connections between groups and their local congregations and pastoral staff to lend them consistent local support and guidance for their ministries.

We will also meet with individual groups to share our knowledge and experience with them in a master class format, where they can obtain some of the benefits of our festival classes on a smaller scale.



Studio and Live Production
We ease their burden and free up their time to focus on using their group’s activities for campus and community missions.

College students are pulled in many directions. Christian a Cappella, as an extra-curricular activity, does not necessarily take a place of primary focus and the time students have to devote to their group’s ministry is often limited.

Every group has a lot that they would like to accomplish, but they often lack the time and funds to make their vision a reality.

We partner with group’s and provide them with grants for two reasons. First and foremost it frees up a lot of time that they would otherwise spend in trying to raise funds on their own. They can then use that time to develop and execute their plan for ministry in their community.

Our grants more often than not exceed the amount that they would be able to raise on their own. This helps to bolster their ministry by allowing them to create more and better content to support their mission.


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