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Think of it like craigslist for Christians. We don’t want to just inspire people to use their talents for God, we want to give them tools and resources to do it. The Mina Marketplace is an online platform that connects Christians who are willing to offer up their time and talents to those in need within their community. Anyone who wishes to participate simply provides their contact information, the job, skill, hobby, talent or abilities that they wish to donate. We keep their name in our database and confidentially post their service on our community specific site and, when we receive an inquiry for help that matches their offering, connect them with someone in need in their community.

Sometimes the small things can have a huge impact.

Be who you are, do what you already do, just say yes and allow God to do the rest by putting the talents you already have to work for His glory.


Sharing the Gospel

One small ACt at a Time

The Little things

Whatever it is you do, whatever the talents you have, you need to know that God can use you. No gift is too small or insignificant and if you let him our Lord can do incredible things through even the humblest of offerings. Serving your community in small every day ways brings the love of Christ into the lives of the people you help. It is why we are here. It is the mission that Jesus gave to all of us as his followers.  All you have to do is accept the call and let God work through you.


Everyone has Talents

Many people think you have to be a musician or an artist to have a talent that God can use, but we are here to show the world that, whether you’re a plumber, carpenter, lawyer, accountant, marketing rep, teacher, dentist, babysitter, college student, high school student, working professional, it doesn’t matter.  If you’re willing to let Him, God can do amazing things and pour out His blessings for His children through you and your God given talents.


Need Help?

Give Us a CAll

We have a wide array of people and talents in our database and if we don’t have someone readily on call to address your need, we will utilize our network to search out and find someone who can help.

Contact Us

If you would like to offer up your time or you need help, send us a message and we’ll connect you with the right people from our team.

Yours in Christ,

The Mina Project

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