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How can You Help?

If you’d like to contribute to our mission, there are several ways that you can help.

Mail in and online donations, become a patron through Patreon, assist in networking with potential donors and performance opportunities, and get involved in the Mina Marketplace.

Regardless of your method of donation, we have several perks for the various levels of giving.  As a registered 501c3 all donations are tax deductible. See below for details on how to make a donation and get involved with our ministry.

Mail In

If you would like to mail in your one time or recurring donation make checks payable to Mina Project International and mail to:

Mina Project International

125 Ironcreek Place

Apex, NC 27539



You can make online contributions via credit card or bank draft through our paypal account.  Follow the link below to get started.



If you’re familiar with the term Patron, you know that they have been the driving force for artistic creation throughout history. This platform allows you to become a Mina Project Patron and easily set an ongoing contribution via credit card. Every time we release new content on Youtube your account will automatically be debited for the amount you set for each unique piece of content. Follow the link below to join Patreon and become a Patron today!



If you know someone that might be interested in hearing about or supporting our ministry let us know. Shoot us an email with their contact information or put them directly in touch with us by phone or email.



Your TIme

If you would like to donate your time and talents to the Mina Project through the Mina Marketplace send an email to:

From there, we’ll talk with you about who you are, what you do, where you live and how to include you in our marketplace database.


Gifts for you

In addition to your tax deduction we offer several different gifts in return for your support at various levels of giving. All higher levels of giving include the gifts of all levels up to and including that level.


One time contributions

$25 and above – One CD of your choice

$100 and above – Once CD of your choice for each additional $100.

$500 and above – Our entire music library and a private video chat with the group during a rehearsal.  Talk with us, ask us questions, share your story and to wrap up, we’ll give a private live performance of a song we’re working on.

$2,000 and above – Every bit of merchandise we have (CDs t-shirts, etc>) and a day in the studio with the band. Whether it’s rehearsing new pieces, laying down tracks for a new album, or shooting a video, you’ll be right there to observe our creative process first hand.

$10,000 and above – Performance at an event of your choice. We’ll be wherever you want us to be in the contiguous United States. If there’s a location outside that area you’d like us to perform we can arrange for an additional contribution to offset travel expenses.


Recurring Annual Pledges

$100 or more – Every CD in our library

This is our overall target for annual giving. We aim to establish a extensive grassroots network of supporters, each giving a small amount toward our mission.

Larger annual gifts come with the same perks as one-time contributions and can be claimed once per calendar year in which the contribution is made.


Thank You!

We can not thank you enough for your support. Your contributions fuel our entire ministry, supplying funds for grants, travel, operational and staff expenses and the creation of new content to keep the mission moving forward and growing. If you have questions about making a donation or how your contribution will be used please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours in Christ,

The Mina Project

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