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We created this group and the music as a humble demonstration of how we use the gifts and talents God has give us for His Kingdom. While we certainly hope the music itself serves as a tool to spread the Gospel and share God’s love to all who hear it through the power of song, we want it to do even more. So, we put our music to work by leading worship both during regular church services and special church events. In sharing our talents with God’s people, we aim to inspire them to leverage their own gifts, big and small, for the Kingdom.

All of our performances are free. We do not bill congregations for a performance fee or any associated expenses. Our event are not ticketed and there is no fee to attend, in advance or at the door.

We will sing for anyone anywhere, large urban congregations, small rural churches and everything in between.


Clean & Modern

Beautiful Callouts

Why We Sing

To each of us, the Lord provides talents, gifts, resources, skills and passions. This is our Mina, given by God for the purpose of furthering his Kingdom on earth. It is up to each of us to heed the call of Christ to allow God to use our Mina to grow his kingdom and glorify himself through us. God has given us a passion for singing and The Mina Project is our way of letting God glorify himself through the gifts he’s provided to each of us. Our prayer is that any music we perform would point to Him and lead people to responsd to their own call to be used by God.


Where WE Sing

There really isn’t anywhere we won’t sing. Many large urban churches are readily equipped to host a performance like ours, but we also wan to bring our music and message to every possible corner of the world. We have a full sound system that we are able to set up in any venue with an audience size of up to 1500, so there is no technical limitation that would prevent your church from having us come to worship with you.


What Can You do?

Help us Network

Get in touch below if you would like to help us connect with your own congregation or other churches in your area to have us come and sing for you.

Worship With Us

We would love to sing for you and share our mission with you. If you would like to have us sing for an event at your church shoot us a message. If you would like to make a donation or become a sustaining patron, visit our Support page or shoot us a message and let us know how you’d like to help.

Yours in Christ,

The Mina Project

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